Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Thank you

My dearest 6B students,

You are all very supportive of my decision. I am very proud of you.

Mr Tong said in the comments for the last post,
It is lucky for you guys and gals to have Ms Kwok as your teacher and it is also lucky to the same degree for Ms Kwok to have you all as her lovely students.
In fact, I am far luckier. I don't deserve your praise as being your class teacher, there are still a lot of things I haven't yet done for all of you.

To be honest, I personally gained a lot from you this year. You are very caring and helpful. Being creative is one of your strengths. You gave me a lot of first experience.

1. The whole class threw me a birthday party, with 4 handsome guys performing strip dance (to the readers who were not there: they only took off their school jacket). By the way, there should be a video of the dance, can someone pass me a copy? And then you all sang me a birthday song in the old wing playground. Don't you know that a lot of teachers eyed me jealously on that day?

2. The whole class walked on the track, hand in hand, on Sports Day.

3. You broke my rule. Don't you know that you were the first class I ever invited to my home during Chinese New Year and it was the first time I ever gave red packets to my students.

4. You gave me a gift on Mother's Day. What's more? You sang "世上只有媽媽好"!

No one can replace your position in my heart. I will always miss you. You are definitely the angels that God has sent to me.


Blogger Jenny said...

mum~~~ we experienced a lot with you this year too~~~ you're our angel too!!! we all grew after such an eventful and tiring year... if it's not for you, we wouldn't have had so much fun in such a year~~~ love you always!!!

6/30/2005 7:25 am  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Miss Kwok(My lovely Mum),your are so good~Thank you for your encouragement!It is good enough for me already(I won't give up)~I really have many happy and great memory with you this year(e.g.sung brithday songs,playing silly games etc)No one can replace you in my heart,including the next class teacher!I will miss you all the time~~~~

6/30/2005 7:58 am  
Anonymous janet said...

miss kwok, i experienced a lot with you this year,too.i have many good memory( you always play with my face, walked on the track, visit your home)Really good.You always use some silly teaching tone to teach us so that the thing can deeply embed in our heart.I really want to give you a big big hug~ ~you are different! Although our next english teacher is so good, she/he cant replace you!!! This year was very tiring and you understood us so much~ Even you are not in CSS, We still love you.
i will always miss you and love you~mum

7/02/2005 12:14 pm  

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