Tuesday, June 21, 2005

2 interesting TV programmes

Last Sunday afternoon, switching on the cable TV, I hoped to find some interesting movies on HBO and Cinemax channels. To my disappointment, the movies in that afternoon were rather boring. Then I remember I have subscribed Now TV, so I turned it on and browsed through the channels offered to me.

Two programmes from the Disney Channel caught my attention.

Lizzie MuGuire (weekends, sorry, forgot the time). Lizzie MuGuire has been shown on TVB Pearl before as a pilot project launched by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research to promote English learning in 2003.

So Little Time(Monday to Friday, 9pm).

Both are teen programmes but I still found them interesting. Frankly speaking, these programmes are a good laugh, don't expect too much. Sometimes it's good for me to just sit back and relax. They serve this purpose too.

Each episode has an independent theme, you won't miss anything if you miss one episode. I like this kind of TV programmes, you won't get addicted to watching them.


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