Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My precious babies (revised)

Have you met my dogs? Now you have a chance to watch two of their clips.

(Click here if you see a blank frame.) This is "Ah Mong". He loves singing. When I play the flute at home, he will sing with me. But the sound you hear in the clip is produced by a synthesizer.

(Click here if you see a blank frame.) Here please meet "Siu Mor Gwai" and "Ah Mong". They love eating very much. When they hear the sound "eat", they will behave exactly what the video shows you.

Thank you

My dearest 6B students,

You are all very supportive of my decision. I am very proud of you.

Mr Tong said in the comments for the last post,
It is lucky for you guys and gals to have Ms Kwok as your teacher and it is also lucky to the same degree for Ms Kwok to have you all as her lovely students.
In fact, I am far luckier. I don't deserve your praise as being your class teacher, there are still a lot of things I haven't yet done for all of you.

To be honest, I personally gained a lot from you this year. You are very caring and helpful. Being creative is one of your strengths. You gave me a lot of first experience.

1. The whole class threw me a birthday party, with 4 handsome guys performing strip dance (to the readers who were not there: they only took off their school jacket). By the way, there should be a video of the dance, can someone pass me a copy? And then you all sang me a birthday song in the old wing playground. Don't you know that a lot of teachers eyed me jealously on that day?

2. The whole class walked on the track, hand in hand, on Sports Day.

3. You broke my rule. Don't you know that you were the first class I ever invited to my home during Chinese New Year and it was the first time I ever gave red packets to my students.

4. You gave me a gift on Mother's Day. What's more? You sang "世上只有媽媽好"!

No one can replace your position in my heart. I will always miss you. You are definitely the angels that God has sent to me.

Monday, June 27, 2005


There is something I want to tell you all. It may be a bit shocking to you. I have resigned and I won't be able to be with you in Form 7.

Having been in the school for seven years, I really feel tired and bored. I need something new to refresh me if I still want to be a teacher for the rest of my life. An opportunity was given to me in April. After serious consideration, I decided to take up a new job in another school. I didn't tell you earlier because I didn't want to disturb your preparation for the final examination. Now it's time to let you know.

Thank you for giving me a lot of precious moments in this year. I have enjoyed being your class teacher and English teacher. Choosing to leave you is the hardest struggle I had to face. I hope every one of you can be promoted to Form 7. Though I will not be your teacher in the coming year, I will always be your mum and friend and you will always be the apple of my eye.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

2 interesting TV programmes

Last Sunday afternoon, switching on the cable TV, I hoped to find some interesting movies on HBO and Cinemax channels. To my disappointment, the movies in that afternoon were rather boring. Then I remember I have subscribed Now TV, so I turned it on and browsed through the channels offered to me.

Two programmes from the Disney Channel caught my attention.

Lizzie MuGuire (weekends, sorry, forgot the time). Lizzie MuGuire has been shown on TVB Pearl before as a pilot project launched by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research to promote English learning in 2003.

So Little Time(Monday to Friday, 9pm).

Both are teen programmes but I still found them interesting. Frankly speaking, these programmes are a good laugh, don't expect too much. Sometimes it's good for me to just sit back and relax. They serve this purpose too.

Each episode has an independent theme, you won't miss anything if you miss one episode. I like this kind of TV programmes, you won't get addicted to watching them.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

A film a day!

It is a bit ironic. When my students were having fun, I was leading a dog's life. Now my students are facing a life-and-death issue (is having final examination really that horrible?), I'm enjoying half-day work in these two weeks.

On the first two days of the week, I had to finish the marking of public examination papers. After handing in all the scripts to the HKEAA on Tuesday, I decided to give myself some treats.

At that night, my husband and I went to a seafood restaurant to celebrate the completion of his voice-over project and my marking.

Then on Wednesday, we went to watch the film - The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I got one message from the film. It is the answer to the meaning of life. The elderly of Magrathea wanted to find out the true meaning of life so they built a super computer - Deep Thought. When Deep Thought was asked to give answer to the true meaning of life, it told the elderly that the answer was 42. Why? Sorry, you've asked the wrong question. You need to ask the right question. When you have the right question, you will know why the answer is 42. Do you get the message?

Today, we watched Batman Begins. If you love action movies and want to know how Bruce Wayne became Batman, you shouldn't miss the film.

I gave up watching Mr and Mrs Smith as one of my colleagues watched it last week and she told me to save my money.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Another test from my student

You Are the Girl Next Door!

You're caring, warm, and the girl that nice guys want to marry. Uncomplicated and simple, you've got an easy going attitude guys love. But this doesn't mean you're dull - far from it! You're a great conversationalist, and you're an expert at living the good life.

What Kind of Girl Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

When I was browsing the blogs of my students, I found this test in Heidi's blog. Out of curiosity, I did the test. Do you think I am a girl ('a woman' to be exact) next door?

I remember when I was young, my father always said that I was this kind of girl. He always told other people that his daughter might not be very beautiful but she was the kind of person that would attract others when they had the chance to know more about her.

I really need to thank my father because he always reminded me of my 'quality'. Whenever I could not get any attention from the boys I liked when I was a secondary student, I would tell myself they did not have the chance to come to know more about me. It was their lost, not mine. Though you may say that I was just trying to comfort myself (a little bit like Mr Q's spirit), at least my confidence would not be slashed.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The films that I'm going to watch

I am back. I have been leading a dog's life since May. If you were not a teacher, you would never be able to understand the tough situation we are facing. All the book inspections, class visitations and the setting and circulation of examination papers really were suffocating. I did not dare to switch on my computer and TV as I was afraid that I would give in to temptation.

Now this kind of life is going to come to an end. I still have homework and public examination papers to mark but the burden is a lot lighter. As a reward for my hard work, I am going to watch two films during examination period. One is "Mr and Mrs Smith" and the other is "Batman Begins". Why do I choose these two movies? The main reason is I love action movies.

A blogger, Dustless, also recommends "Sin City" in his blog. If I still have time, I will definitely go and watch it.

There are a lot of things I want to do when I finish all my school work. Besides watching the above mentioned movies, I want to finish a few books I have bought these days. I have also pre-ordered the Harry Potter Book 6. Hopefully, it can arrive in early August so that I can finish it before I carry out my summer duties. I am also looking forward to the fourth movie of Harry Potter.

Thinking of all these things I am going to do lifts my spirits.