Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Master Degree

I am planning to take a master degree in English. When I searched the internet for a list of courses, I found one offered by the University of Hong Kong - MA in English Studies. It sounds quite interesting. The course includes the studying of English literature, linguistics and culture.

However, I do have one concern about taking the course. There is a lot of required reading for each module. Altogether there are 12 modules in the programme, for part-time students, they need to study 4 modules in one semester. Each module lasts for 6 weeks. After the completion of each module, students have to hand in an assignment (usually an essay). For the fourth semester, it's the dissertation writing time.

Frankly speaking, the requirement is not harsh. But as a secondary school language teacher, can I afford the time to do the reading and assignments? This is what worries me most.

Can any bloggers who have taken a master degree before give me some suggestions? Please share with me how you can manage both your work and studies at the same time.


Blogger Jenny said...

Miss Kwok~~~ you seem to have many plans~~~ anything that we can help you with???

4/10/2005 3:13 pm  
Blogger Johna said...

Sorry....tiger is announced, not released.
Release date is on the 29th of this month. There is a family pack too, if you need one.

4/14/2005 12:53 am  
Blogger Louisa Kwok said...

Thanks Jenny, at this moment not much you can help. But if I am admitted, the programme will start in September. At that time, I am sure if all of you will proofread your homework before you hand them in and try to make as few grammatical mistakes as possible, you all can help me an awful lot!

4/14/2005 7:45 am  
Blogger 無塵工作室 said...

Is this a part time degree?

I am actually taking a ful time MSc degree, so I can devote all my time to it (I do something like physics, so cannot really afford to go part time). If it's full time, then I think there should be no proble regarding working hours; however, if it's a part time, then I ould urge you to think about it. Unlike undergraduate degrees, masters will certainly need a lot of input from you, and if you want to carry on as a may be a little difficult I think.

4/17/2005 8:48 pm  
Blogger Louisa Kwok said...

Yes, I understand what you mean. I am a bit hesitant though. Anyway, the result will be announced in May/June. I still have time to think about it carefully.

4/17/2005 9:47 pm  

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