Thursday, April 07, 2005


I've been learning flute with Matthew for about 3 months. Sigh! Though I have already passed the Grade 5 practical examination, he still needs me to start learning from the basic.

His method is completely different from my earlier teacher. He wants me to unlearn all the techniques my previous teacher taught me which I have already got used to. I can see that I am doing better and better each time I attend his lesson, however, the process is frustrating. The breathing, the movement of the muscles, the way the air is blown out from the mouth and how my mouth looks are all different. It's really difficult for me to undo something I used to do and have been doing for 3 years. Another problem I am facing is - not enough practice.

Life in my school is hectic. I can't practise flute every day. It's really a luxury to me. I originally have planned to take the Grade 8 examination next year. Now I don't know for how long I have to postpone this idea.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm currently looking for a flute teacher in HK. Just wondering if your teacher is good & would like to teach a beginner? Thanks~~

11/18/2006 1:42 pm  

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