Friday, February 04, 2005

The ten places I want to go most

1. Heaven (Of course I mean after I die)
2. Australia (It's famous for its sunshine and beaches. I haven't had any sunbathing for more than a decade!)
3. Japan (I love Japanese culture.)
4. Isreal (It's the place that a Christian should visit.)
5. France (I've been to Europe when I was a university student but I missed this place at that time.)
6. Germany (The same reason as above.)
7. Singapore (I want to see how it is different from Hong Kong.)
8. Shanghai (It is one of our competitors. I need to check it out!)
9. Lamma Island (People keep telling me it has changed a lot and it has great seafood. I went there only for once and I was a F.4 student at that time.)
10. Home (There is no place in the world better than your own home!)


Blogger Johna said...

Want to go to it still dangerour over there?

(btw, I have a xanga page at , I wanted use a blog...but too many friends are using xanga...)

2/09/2005 5:38 pm  
Blogger dezy said...

Hopped over here from Neil's blog and browsing through your statements. This one was very interesting! Singapore is basically a clean version of Hong Kong. Very clean. And quite efficient, public transport wise. BUT the people are still a bit self centred and rude!!

4/18/2005 1:00 am  
Blogger Louisa Kwok said...

Yeah, people who have visited there simply can't help falling in love with its cleanliness. I hear a lot of compliments about this place, too.

I have heard that people in this place despise people from other neighbouring nations/cities. They think that Singapore is the best place in Asia and they are also proud of their English standard.

I can't wait visiting the place myself and seeing what impression it gives me. Most probably, I will go there this summer holiday.

By the way, thanks for leaving a comment here and nice to meet you.

4/18/2005 1:54 pm  
Blogger 無塵工作室 said...

I actually wanted to goto places like the Carribean Islands, Barbados, or Tibet :)

4/19/2005 1:28 am  

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