Friday, February 18, 2005


I finally watched Constantine last night! It's fantastic!

It reminds me of a movie I watched earlier - Devil's Advocate, starring Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. The story was also about devils in our world. In the movie, Keanu Reeves was the son of Satan himself. Al Pacino was Satan. It was also about "choice" and "destiny". But the sense of "destiny" was much stronger especially when you knew what Keanu had gone through in the movie was going to recur again and again, unless he could completely screw up Satan's plan, or he finally gave in, or Satan gave up. After watching the film, I really felt creepy because I was reminded of the power that Satan always has! I kept telling myself I had to make my choice carefully and pray for God's guidance, grace and wisdom to guard myself against evil.

After watching Constantine, this feeling comes back! But the message is more positive this time. The sense of "choice" in this film is deep-rooted. We have a choice to accept or deny what we have and we are responsible for the choices we made! Can we make the right choice every time? If we made a mistake, could there be any way to alter the consequence? This is what Constantine is going to do after he committed suicide when he was 15. He tries his best to battle with the devils to buy his way to heaven. (The film takes the stance of the Catholic belief. People who commit suicide can't go to heaven!)

Here I am not arguing whether the Catholic belief is correct or not. The message I got is - can we buy our way to heaven simply by the good deeds we do? As the Angel, Gabriel, said in the movie, we couldn't! The only way to heaven is we become converts to God! We believe He is the only creator and He loves us to a stage that He delivers His only Son - Jesus Christ to die for our sins! This is so simple. We don't have to make a deal with God. Gabriel also reminded me of His great love. Even if a murderer or rapist repents for what he or she has done and becomes a convert, God won't abandon him or her. That's why Gabriel envies human beings. According to Gabriel, we are full of sins and we don't have any noble qualities. We don't deserve God's love at all! But God loves us unconditionally! This is what makes Gabriel go crazy and liaise with the son of Satan.

I know I can't buy my way to heaven from the good deeds I do. But after knowing how great God's love is, can I do nothing? Is it the way to repay His great love?


Blogger manjit said...

I saw these two films too!!
In Constantine, it just remind me one thing, that's how tricky satan is.
Remember at the end of the movie, satan tooks Reeves's cancer away? Satan knows the weaknesses of everyone of us. It's hard for us to stand alone without Jesus.

By the way, it's a inspiring film to all christian

3/02/2005 1:26 am  

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