Monday, January 31, 2005

Making a homepage

I have always thought of setting up my own homepage for a very long time. However, being a teacher, especially an English teacher in Hong Kong, leaves me very little time to design and write my homepage.

Several years ago in the summer holiday, I bought myself a book about how to use Frontpage. I hoped to set up something in that summer. Of course, I couldn't make it. At first, it seemed not too difficult to start with. As I went on reading, I couldn't understand a bit what I needed to do. I gave up after two weeks' reading and trying. The homepage thing seemed to be too technical for me. I didn't think of doing anything like this again.

One week ago, my husband told me he discovered a software which was very user-friendly. It's a programme helping people make homepage. He showed me how to use it and then I was elated. I immediately tried it and then within 10 minutes, I already finished writing up my "Home" page.

This time, I only spent about 15 hours and I got my homepage published. I don't have to know any HTML code to write one and it's really an excellent programme for people who are too busy or not very skilful at the use of other homepage design programmes, there is one constraint though. This software is for MAC users only. If you are using a PC, you may need to search one for yourself.

The software's name is Rapidweaver.


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